Several North Texas cities will have contested elections this spring.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth will have 11 offices on the ballot, two of which are new. Mayor Mattie Parker is running for re-election and will face off against Ken Bowens Jr., Jennifer Castillo, Alyson Kennedy, Christopher Rector and Adrian Devine Smith.

Carlos Flores and Michael Crain hold office in districts 2 and 3, respectively, and are running for re-election unopposed.

District 4 Council Member Alan Blaylock is moving to one of the new districts, District 10, where he is running against Brandon Jones. His former seat will be filled by either Teresa Gonzalez or Charles Lauersdorf. Several candidates filed for the District 5 position, including incumbent Gyna Bivens, along with William McKinley Jackson and Bob Willoughby.

In District 6, incumbent Jared Williams will face off against Tonya Carter and Italia De La Cruz. Leonard Firestone is not seeking re-election for District 7, so his position will have the new face of either Caleb Backholm, Jason Ellis or Macy Hill.

Chris Nettles is running for re-election unopposed in District 8. In District 9, the incumbent Elizabeth Beck will run against Pamela Boggess, Taylor Mondick, Jason Pena and Chris Reed.

Finally, Ricardo Avitia, Rick Herring, Christopher Johnson, Tara Maldonado-Wilson and Jeanette Martinez are competing for the District 11 position, which is the other new district.

Districts 7 and 10 represent the north Fort Worth area.


Keller City Council has three open positions in this election cycle: mayor, Place 5 and Place 6. All three incumbents, Mayor Armin Mizani, Chris Whatley and Ross McMullin, have filed for re-election. Mizani is running unopposed, while Whatley is up against Becky Haskin and Erik Leist for Place 5. For Place 6, McMullin is running against Mitch Holmes and Rebecca Tovar.

Keller City Council is composed of a mayor and six council members. All are elected at-large for three-year, staggered terms.


There are also three positions open in Roanoke in wards 1, 2 and 3. Holly Gray-Moore, Brian Darby and David Brundage represent those positions, respectively. All three incumbents are running for re-election unopposed.

The Roanoke City Council is made up of seven members that serve three-year terms. Two council members are elected from each of the city’s three wards, while the mayor is elected at-large.

Trophy Club

In Trophy Club, the mayor, Place 1 and Place 2 will be on the ballot. Mayor Alicia Fleury is not seeking re-election. Greg Lamont, who holds Place 1, has filed for mayor. His place will be filled by either Jennifer Olson or Stacey Bauer. The incumbent for Place 2, Jeff Beach, is running unopposed.

Trophy Club’s council consists of the mayor and six council members. They are elected at-large and serve three-year, staggered terms of office.


In Westlake, there are three open council positions, and two incumbent—Tim Shiner and Anna White—have filed to run again. Council Member Chandrika Dasgupta did not file for re-election, and Victor Sansone has filed to fill her position. Westlake's council is composed of a mayor and five council members who are elected by majority vote. All council members are elected for a two-year term and are elected at large.