The cost for trash service for Trophy Club residents increased by 4% on Oct. 1.

Republic Services exercised an option in the contract signed in 2020 to increase residential and commercial collections. The change was announced during a council meeting Sept. 27.

Residential collections increased by $0.73 to $19 per month. That is made up of $14.04 for trash service and $4.96 for recycling. Residential trash is collected twice a week, and recycling is picked up once a week.

“You are never happy with an increase, but it is reasonable,” Town Manager Wade Carrol said of the new rates during the meeting.

Carrol noted an index provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics recommended a 4.43% increase, but the contract called for an increase cap of 4%.

Documents presented in the meeting noted Republic Services sought an increase in 2021 but had an error in its system that did not allow that to happen.

Commercial trash service for a two-yard dumpster picked up once a week increased to $80. Recycling for commercial properties is now $77.63 for a six-yard dumpster or $92.39 for an eight-yard dumpster.

“We saved half a percent, and we still get great service by Republic [Services],” Mayor Alicia Fleury said during the meeting. “Not many cities or towns have a bulk pickup like we do. I see comments all the time, ‘Will they pick up a mattress?’ And they will pretty much take anything.”