The path leading to Universal Playground in Fort Worth’s North Park will be getting some new artwork.

Fort Worth City Council approved a contract Aug. 9 with artist Steven Parker for a series of three interactive musical sculptures, according to a staff memo to council. The contract of up to $137,299 will include fabrication, delivery and installation of the artwork, which is titled "Listening Trees."

According to a memo to council, each sculpture will include painted brass funnels as well as bells and chimes that are decorated at community workshops.

“Together, the interconnected funnels will function as a Victorian-era ‘ear trumpet,’ or the familiar tin can telephone, naturally resonating and amplifying sounds of visitors’ voices, the natural soundscape, and embedded bells or chimes,” the memo stated.

The artwork is funded as part of the public arts plan included in the city's 2018 bond program, the memo stated. North Park is located at 9000 N. Beach St.

A timetable for the workshops and the artwork’s installation was not available.