Upgrades to an antenna attached to the water tower on Keller-Smithfield Road may cause service disruptions for Keller residents in the surrounding area, according to an Oct. 22 newsletter from the city.

Verizon Wireless is upgrading the antenna, which is attached to the water tower, the newsletter stated. Cell phone users in the area may begin to have service disruptions on Oct. 28 and especially on Nov. 3.

Rachel Reynolds, city of Keller communication and public engagement manager, said the antenna work is a private utility project for Verizon and not a city project.

The work is expected to take four weeks unless there is inclement weather, according to the newsletter. Charles Swanigon, city of Keller digital communications specialist, said Verizon Wireless began work on Oct. 25.

The newsletter stated the contractor will only work during standard working hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will not work on the weekends.