Fort Worth City Council is gearing up for redistricting based on 2020 U.S. Census results that are coming later this year.

As part of that redistricting, Fort Worth is planning to expand City Council from nine members to 11 members. The mayor would continue to represent the entire city, and the number of City Council districts would increase from eight to 10. The council district boundaries would be redrawn under redistricting to ensure similarly sized populations.

On April 6, Fort Worth City Council voted to accept the final report from the city’s redistricting task force. The report establishes criteria and procedures for the upcoming redistricting process.

Among the recommendations is that the city provide software training to interested residents and that proposals submitted by residents be analyzed and presented to City Council, according to the city’s website.

Also ccording to the website, communities of interest may register with the city for redistricting purposes.

Population counts are expected to be released by the U.S. Census Bureau by Sept. 30.

For more information about the city's redistricting process, click here.