Known for adorning its menu items with rubber duckies, Duck Duck Scoop will have a permanent place to sell its sundaes, ice cream by the scoop and milkshakes this summer in Fort Worth.

A closer look

Owner Lori Cuadros said when she was looking to open a business, she realized there was a dearth of ice cream shops in her area.

"There's lots of shaved ice places, but the closest ice cream place to us was about 15 miles away," Cuadros said.

She began to think of a way to separate her business from other ice cream shops and give it a unique feel.

"I thought, who doesn't like rubber ducks?" Cuadros said. "They're cute, collectable and the perfect size to go with our ice cream."

Cuadros opened her ice cream business as a food truck in 2020, and ever since, people have been not only enjoying her ice cream, sundaes and milkshakes, they come back again and again to collect the rubber ducks.

"We've got probably 50 different varieties of ducks," Cuadros said. "They make people feel happy."