Now open near Alliance Town Center in North Fort Worth, Core Wellness offers a destination for clients to find prolonged health and healing opportunities in a luxury spa environment.

The details

According to the website, the tranquility begins in the waiting area with zero-gravity chairs that promote deep, whole-body relaxation. Services include the following:

  • Vitality booth, which integrates halo salt therapy and red light therapy

  • Aquapod, which is a whole-body wellness system that uses a combination of radiant heat, infused steam and moisture

  • Yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep”, where the body enters a state of deep relaxation while the brain waves slow down, inducing a sense of calm and rejuvenation

  • Prenatal yoga, which is designed to support and empower expectant mothers

  • Massages that blend traditional techniques with contemporary comforts

  • Face treatments that include calming facials, deep-cleansing treatments and spiruline mud masks

Several spa packages are also available, according to the website.

  • Opened April 5

  • 3401 Golden Triangle Blvd., Ste. 111, Fort Worth