Good Company Coffee offers quality coffees, teas and treats in a unique coffeehouse environment that encourages customers to stay and get to know each other.

The details

Owner Robin Dunivan said that now that she and her husband are empty nesters, they wanted to start a business of their own while still holding on to their day jobs.

“I still work in a bank, and my husband is in insurance,” Dunivan said. “We wanted something fun, something different. Something a little less corporate America.”

When asked why she wanted to start a coffee business, an industry in which she had no experience, she said she wanted to create a place where people feel connected.

“With remote work and being post COVID[-19], we wanted a place in the community where people could be together,” Dunivan said. “Coffee is a great way to do that.”

A closer look

The store features several casual seating areas, a banquette for those who want to eat at a table and then a study space that offers four workstations. There’s also a conference room that seats up to eight people and can be reserved.

Dunivan said that in the first three weeks they’ve had customers in from all walks of life.

“They study here, they get together and visit with friends; people have even had first dates here,” Dunivan said. “In the conference room, there have been people in there having business meetings. Ladies have been in there doing Bible study. It’s fun to see how the community wants to use it.”

Dunivan said she is in the process of designing an outdoor patio space that will feature live music. She expects the patio to be completed in a couple of months.

Zooming in

Good Company Coffee’s menu features coffee and tea drinks as well as snacks, such as:
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Pie
  • Affogato, which is espresso, gelato and a shot of liqueur
Dunivan said that when she set out designing the space, she just didn’t want customers to be able to connect with each other; she wanted them to connect with employees as well. That’s why she opted to have a modbar-style espresso bar installed. Modbar is an under-the-counter concept that is designed to foster connection and comfort, rather than a traditional espresso machine sitting on the counter and getting in the way between the customer and the employee, Dunivan said.

Connection is another reason why Dunivan said there’s no drive-thru, although they do have curbside service.

“Our products are on the higher end of quality,” Dunivan said. “We spend more on our coffee beans and our syrups and things because we want it to taste really good. We want people to come in and connect with us and stay for a while. I think that’s what makes us unique.”