Now open in Keller's Center Stage development, Airys Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental services and extra services including a therapy dog and custom coloring book for younger patients.

The details

Dr. Airy Choi said she didn’t let a few setbacks stop her from opening her new practice a few weeks behind schedule.

She said the issues included some permitting delays from the city of Keller and the need to make a last-minute name change of her business since it too closely resembled another area dentist.

“I’m new to this,” Choi said. “But I’ve learned a lot and now I know if I open a new practice in the future, then I know what to be cautious of.”

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Choi said she’s lived in the greater Keller area for three years. While she said she doesn’t have a formal education in interior design, she designed the entire office, from a reception area that includes a coffee bar where patients can make their own lattes and espressos, to examination rooms that all include privacy doors—Choi said she’s very big on privacy—and oversized windows to let in natural light.

“We try to keep it comfortable,” Choi said. “When it comes to shade matching teeth, when we match tooth structure to any kind of prosthetic we’re going to make, you always want to look at natural light.”

There’s even a workstation in the back of the office where patients can get work done while they wait.

Zooming in

Besides having the latest in dental technology that includes a 3D X-ray machine that can send 3D images to patients on their phones via an app, Choi has a couple non-tech services that her patients enjoy.

She said that her dog Koto, a miniature goldendoodle, is a registered emotional support animal and provides comfort to patients that request him.

“I would say that 40% of my patients request him,” Choi said. “Everyone is very receptive of him.”

For her younger patients, Choi hired a cartoonist to help her create a children’s coloring book that completes several tasks:
  • Introduces her and Koto
  • Reviews the parts of a tooth and the types of teeth
  • Contains a teeth brushing calendar to help inspire accountability
  • Provides examples of healthy and unhealthy food for teeth and gums
When kids complete the coloring book, they get a healthy smile certificate awarded to them.

Quote of note

“I feel like we’re really integrating the old-school vibes of a dental office with that modern feel,” Choi said. “We’re putting that human touch back in terms of coming to a dental office.”