American Business Systems, a family-owned company based in Keller, has successfully helped aspiring entrepreneurs across the country launch successful medical billing businesses over the years. To mark its 30th year in operation, new developments are on the horizon, including artificial intelligence tools to enhance services for owners and their physician clients.

The backstory

According to a company news release, ABS was founded by Patrick Phillips in 1994. His son, Adam Phillips, now serves as CEO.

"We are proud of the impact we've had on our owners’ lives and in the medical billing industry over the past three decades,” said Founder Patrick Phillips.

Zooming in

As ABS commemorates its 30th anniversary, the news release states that the company will roll out new technology and staffing solutions to their owners in the coming months. New technology solutions include AI tools to enhance the company's services for owners and their physician clients.

Quote of note

“AI is a game-changer. It’s going to dramatically increase efficiency in charting, coding and filing claims for our owners and their physician clients,” Adam Phillips said.

The news release states that ABS has partnered with a medical billing staffing company to give their owners access to cost-effective billing contractors. Adam Phillips said that easy access to qualified billing staff allows their owners to scale their businesses more quickly and efficiently.

"As a family business, the success stories of our owners are personal to us,” Adam Phillips said. “ABS’ 30th anniversary is a reflection of our team’s dedication and the trust our owners have placed in us. We are excited to continue fostering entrepreneurship and driving innovation in the medical billing industry.”