Armed with years of concession experience, Patrick Orzano bought The Poppin’ Store in Keller in 2021.

“I managed concessions for Ringling Brothers Circus,” Orzano said. “I toured with the circus and lived 365 [days] on a train.”

The Poppin’ Shop opened in 2006 in Watauga and was moved to the current location a little over 10 years ago.

What’s special about it?

Orzano said when he bought the business, he knew how to use the popcorn poppers. The previous owner taught him how to use the caramelizer and gave him her recipes.

“We have all the same recipes that she used to do,” he said. “Her caramel is really unique. Most people use a mushroom pop, which is a big popcorn. We use a movie-theater butterfly style. You get more of the coating on each kernel, so there’s more flavor on it.”

Popular menu items

Popcorn flavors are broken into the following categories: cheese, butter, caramel, kettle, seasoned, drizzle and sweet.

Orzano said their top five selling flavors are caramel, butter, cheddar, jalapeno ghost cheddar and dill pickle.

Additional customer favorites are the Fort Worth Mix, which is jalapeno ghost cheddar with caramel, and the Keller Mix, which is caramel with butter.

“Our cheese [popcorn] is really good because it's made with real cheese, not powder,” Orzano said. “We melt and spin it.”

Staying local

Local churches and schools buy large bags of popcorn to pass out at their events resulting in new customers visiting the business, he said. Another way people find out about the establishment is when Orzano sells his wares at local events, such as festivals and craft shows. However, the option to buy a tin at regular price and get 50% off popcorn refills for the life of the tin is one of the top catalysts for returning customers.

Cindy Newman is the store manager and said she has a group of people she calls her “Tin Family.”

“We have a ton of people who come here all the time,” Newman said. “I know about their grandkids, their kids, what their ailments are. We have a great return of people that I know everything about.”