County Line Records relocated its store from Decatur to 148 S. Elm St., Keller, on June 24.

The backstory

The store, which sells new and used records, T-shirts, posters and other music accessories, had been open for a year in Decatur before owner Rodney Holder decided to move.

“We needed a larger footprint than what we had in Decatur,” Holder said.

Upon the urging of a friend who had a business in Keller, Holder and his family drove around to check things out. They stumbled upon their new location by accident—Holder took a wrong turn when he was driving around Old Town Keller—but he said it turned out to be the perfect location.

“We decided to come where there’s a lot more folks and offer the same great service and kind of down-home vibe we had [in Decatur] here in Keller,” Holder said.

Holder added going into a record store is really about the experience.

“People want to come through and dig to find the treasures—maybe it’s [an album] that they’ve been hunting for years—or find something that connects them to their childhood,” he said. “We provide that experience in a family atmosphere. Grandparents can come in with their 14-year-old grandchild, and they all can find something, so it really does connect everybody.”

Holder opened County Line Records after purchasing a collection of 15,000 records at an estate sale. After putting a notice about the collection on social media, a Fort Worth collector contacted him and ended up buying a “couple thousand records.”

The details

The store includes several rooms of both new and used records and other music-related merchandise. A listening room is also set up so customers can listen to records before buying them.

Holder can only sell new records, merchandise and accessories until Keller City Council approves his resale permit July 18, which will allow him to buy and sell used records.

“We’re really just waiting on that permit to kick off because 90% of our business is resale,” Holder said.