David Gibbs is excited to open a different kind of bar at 3529 Heritage Trace Parkway, Ste. 155, in north Fort Worth.

“[Kava Culture] is a totally different experience than people are used to,” Gibbs said. “Everything is vegan and nonalcoholic. We serve kava- and elixir-based mixed drinks and Botanical Brewing Company drinks, on tap and in to-go cans.”

Gibbs explained that kava comes from a plant root that is ground up and drunk in social and ceremonial settings within Polynesian and Pacific Island cultures.

“It gives the relaxed feeling of alcohol without any inhibition of motor skills, impaired thinking or hangovers,” said Gibbs.

According to their website, elixir is a tea leaf from Southeast Asia with deep roots in Chinese and South Asian medicine.

“Elixir is kratom-based and is used in Asian countries to improve mood, help with pain management or increase concentration, depending on the strain used,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs and his wife, CJ, will be co-owners and co-managers of this location. They plan on opening other locations in the future.

“Our bar is open to all and welcoming of everyone,” Gibbs said. “It is kid friendly, however those under 18 will not be able to drink kava or elixir beverages—we will have other drinks available for kids under 18, or they can get mixed drinks without anything added. We are also pet friendly and will host things like trivia night, game night, Lego night and 'paint and sip' night.”

The location is currently under construction. Gibbs said he expects to be open for business by the end of July.