Sherlock’s Escape Rooms is opening May 18 will offer six unique escape rooms at its location at 12465 Timberland Blvd., Fort Worth.

“We were supposed to start construction in January, but there was a freeze in December, and the building flooded, so we had to wait for that to get fixed,” said Lindsey Huffman, director of operations and projects. “So technically construction started March 3.”

In the five weeks since, Huffman, General Manager Sam Schildgen and the members of their team have turned what was once a doctor’s office into five escape rooms for adults and one for kids ages 6-12.

Knowing the closest escape rooms are in downtown Fort Worth and Southlake, Huffman said they did their research when they chose their location in North Fort Worth.

“[We examined] everything from population density to the fact that if you were to look at a map, there’s a giant hole in this area for escape rooms,” Huffman said. “So we put one right in the middle.”

Schildgen said there are six different rooms all with different themes. The list includes:
  • “Dragon’s Spell”
  • “Haunted Inn”
  • “The Shipwreck”
  • The Shed
  • “Cabin in the Woods”
  • “The Jungle Jr.” (for ages 6-12)
Players are encouraged to get into their roles during the games. For example, in the “Haunted Inn” game, Huffman said players role play a ghost-busting team hired by Norma and Norma investigations. Players can dress in ghost-busting outfits that are supplied by Sherlock’s. If players choose the “Cabin in the Woods” game and escape, they run through a make-believe forest where branches from the trees are turned out so that they brush them as they run by.

“Immersion starts with little details and big details,” Huffman said. “The smallest thing can break that immersion.”

Like many escape rooms, players that are stuck can get clues from the game masters, but it comes with a price.

“We have two different types of clues; the first is written clues,” Schildgen said. “The other is verbal clues. The first three are free, and then beyond that players are charged five minutes for each clue; at the end, that affects your record time and escape time for bragging rights.”

Sherlock’s Escape Rooms also have cameras set up in each room so that players can take home a souvenir of their experience.

“What we’ve found is that it allows people to keep their memories,” Huffman said. “We’ve had wedding proposals and gender reveals in our escape rooms across the country—these really big life moments—that we can actually record them doing something that they really enjoyed, and so it’s kind of a unique thing.”

In addition to opening May 18, Sherlock’s will have a grand opening celebration May 22 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. with food and drinks from Elote Mexican Kitchen, chair massages, tours of the rooms, and giveaways.