Code Wiz, a national child education franchise committed to transforming the way kids engage with technology, will open in its newest location on May 21 at 790 S. Main St., Ste. 409, in Keller.

“I’m excited to inspire the next generation of tinkers and makers,” owner Juan Duarte said. “My wish is to help our future engineers discover their passion as well, so they can build a better place for humanity.”

According to the company’s website, Duarte studied computer science at The University of Texas at Arlington, where he also tutored mathematics and programming while completing his education. He works as a software engineer and has been a Keller resident for six years.

“Keller is such a good suburb to raise children,” Duarte said. “[Code Wiz] is something that I wish I had as a kid.”

While Duarte said there are similar concepts that teach children coding in the area, Code Wiz is different in that its model is to help make kids be successful coders from day one.

“This is project-based learning for kids where they get to put their own spin on their own project,” Duarte said. “Plus, there’s also a small ratio between coaches and the kids. The maximum we have is four kids to one coach, so they have a lot of one-on-one time to be able to create something that’s coming straight out of their imagination.”

Code Wiz has three different learning paths, what Duarte called verticals. They include:
  • Game design vertical
  • Fundamental coding vertical
  • Robotics vertical
No matter what vertical kids choose, they will get the opportunity to build programs from scratch, according to Duarte, and graduate to progressively more challenging coding platforms along the way.

“Say you’re in the gaming vertical. You’ll start off with Minecraft or Roblox, and you’re going to start off modifying the games using drag and drop coding,” Duarte said. “Then, you’ll graduate into Python and Java, and then maybe one of the other classes we offer.”

Code Wiz works with kids ages 7-17. Founding memberships are available that offer a 31.4% discount on all classes for the lifetime of the membership. Duarte is offering 50 founding memberships at his Keller location. Free trial classes are also available.