Bubbly Paws celebrated its grand opening April 1 at 201 Town Center Drive, Ste. 1111, Keller.

Bubbly Paws franchises are located in several states, including several in Minnesota and Florida. The Keller store is the company’s 15th location.

“The opening has been fantastic,” owner Alvaro Novoa said. “We’ve had a ton of people come in from the community. It’s been a great experience so far.”

Customers can choose between bathing their dog themselves in one of five self-service dog washing stations or select a full-service bath and grooming from one of the four groomers on staff.

Patrons that choose the self-service wash are supplied with aprons, towels, brushes, cologne, ear cleaner, toothbrushes, house shampoo and conditioner. Professional, waist-high tubs and nonslip ramps for larger dogs that need a boost are also provided, according to the company website.

Once the dogs are done with a self-service wash, owners can lead them to an enclosed drying room where high-power dryers are available.

For a full-service bath, a professional groomer will bathe and dry the dog, clean their ears, trim their nails and brush out their coat. A la carte services are also available, including nail grinds, facial scrubs and Furminator deshedding.

Grooming appointments are also available where the dog will receive a full groom, which includes a bath, a blow dry, a brush out, a haircut, a nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing. In addition, owners will receive a report card at pickup that documents their dog’s experience, according to the company website.

At the grand opening, Emily and Raul Arevalo drove from Bedford to bring in their dog Remy for a self-service bath.

“We did an internet search for self-service dog washes in Bedford and couldn’t find any,” Emily said. “We found this one here in Keller and decided to give it a shot.”

682-428-9299. www.bubblypaws.com/keller