Fort Worth City Council voted unanimously March 21 to award a $1.5 million grant to Seattle-based ProbablyMonsters Inc. to relocate to Fort Worth.

According to city filings, stipulations associated with the grant will require the company to do the following:
  • Create 300 jobs that pay at least $75,000 annually and are kept through June 1, 2031;
  • 30% of those jobs must go to Fort Worth residents;
  • The company must lease temporary office space of 9,000 square feet within Fort Worth on or before June 1, 2023; and
  • The company must lease 30,000 square feet of permanent office space in Fort Worth by Dec. 31, 2024.
According to city filings, tax incentives associated with the grant will be paid out over five years. If the company fails to comply with any of the stipulations noted above, the city can take back the grant money.

According to a company press release, ProbablyMonsters Inc. is an independent video game company founded in 2016 by former Bungie CEO and President Harold Ryan. The company aims to change the way games are made by delivering industry-defining games within a healthy-work culture, according to the website. ProbablyMonsters Inc. has more than 460 employees and continues to focus on growth, having closed a preferred Series A funding round of $250 million in January 2022.