Advanced Medical of North Texas will celebrate its 10-year anniversary April 1.

To celebrate, the staff will hold an open house April 3 with food and prizes. Special offers are also available on the website.

The pain management clinic, located at 5500 North Tarrant Parkway, Ste. 108, provides numerous medical and pain management services, including trigger point and cortisone steroid injections, chiropractic adjustments, weight management and counseling, rehabilitation therapies, sports physicals, and scoliosis treatment.

“What makes us unique is our level of care from the moment a new patient walks in the door,” Chiropractor Spencer Shanley said. “While many other chiropractic and pain management clinics start making adjustments right away, we start off by taking an X-ray coupled with listening to our patients explain their symptoms to ensure that we get the whole picture.”

Advanced Medical of North Texas is also different when it comes to their staff. Shanley explained they have a nurse practitioner on staff. Shanley went on to say staff members receive monthly training on items that include patient protocols, so each patient receives the best care possible as fast as possible from the moment they enter the clinic.

Since opening his doors 10 years ago, Shanley said being able to provide quality pain management care for Keller and surrounding communities has meant the world to him. He also gets to work with his mom and dad, Jean and Dick Shanley, who help out running the office. But while the clinic has been open a decade, Shanley’s philosophy of care is something that he learned as a teenager.

“When I was 16 years old, I saw this lady that had severe scoliosis,” Shanley recalled. “I remembered asking myself why is it that she can barely walk out of her car to the grocery store, and no one’s helping her to prevent that? I thought that was wrong.”

Attempting to answer that question, Shanley began taking premed courses in college. A severe car accident during that time, after which he did not receive any type of physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, would cement his thoughts about medical care. For it was only after his sports medicine instructor learned of his injuries that Shanley began learning the power of physical and chiropractic therapy.

“He opened my eyes,” Shanley said. “I learned about chiropractic and how I should have been treated. I am able to help people prevent the injuries I had and those same injuries that no one helped that elderly woman with when I was 16 years old. I’m really happy that I’m a chiropractor.”