For owners Heather and Michael April, Aquatic Dreams is not just a store. It is a way of life.

“Michael was a warehouse manager, and I was a cosmetologist,” Heather said of their careers before embarking on their dream of opening a tropical pet shop. “But aquariums have been our hobby for more than 30 years. When we finally had a chance to make it a business, we jumped at it.”

Aquatic Dreams is located at 11477 Woodland Springs Drive, Ste. 170, in Fort Worth. The store will host a soft opening on March 6, and plan are in place to have a grand opening later in the month.

“We offer over 300 species of freshwater fish and will expand to offering saltwater varieties after we get the store set up for them,” Heather said. “We also have more than 40 species of reptiles.”

In addition to fish and reptiles, Aquatic Dreams stocks all of the equipment and supplies needed to keep them happy and healthy. These items include food, aquarium set-ups, dry goods for aquariums and reptile habitat set-ups.

The Aprils said they are excited about bringing their store to north Fort Worth and serving the community.

“We thought this area was underserved, and the location popped out to us,” Heather said. “We look forward to being a tropical pet store in the neighborhood that treats the animals with the respect they deserve.”