During their regular meeting Feb. 7, Keller City Council approved the application for a specific use permit for a grocery store/restaurant located at 1110 Keller Parkway. The business, named Desi Adda, will be the city’s first Indian market and restaurant, according to a council presentation.

The two closest businesses that are similar to Desi Adda are both located more than 15 miles away in Irving, according to a council presentation. The first, Hello! India, averages 2,100 visitors a month, and 7% of those visitors are from the Keller area. The second, Indian Bazaar, averages 25,000 visitors a month, and 15% of those visitors were from the Keller area.

Of the 7,182-square-foot footprint, the grocery portion will take up approximately 3,700 square feet, and the restaurant’s kitchen will take up approximately 960 square feet. The remaining 2,500 square feet will be used for office, storage, restrooms and restaurant seating.

The proposed hours of operation are slated to be Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The council unanimously approved the application, and Mayor Pro Tem Ross McMullin spoke about how great it was to add a new business that will give Keller residents and visitors more food and dining options.

“I'm really excited for what they're bringing to our community,” he said. “I think residents have tasked us with finding unique dining options and places to shop, so I couldn't be more enthusiastic for the project.”