Roanoke to host first rodeo event as part of Roanoke Roundup event on May 1

Roanoke has added a rodeo event to its lineup for Roanoke Roundup on May 1. (Courtesy city of Roanoke)
Roanoke has added a rodeo event to its lineup for Roanoke Roundup on May 1. (Courtesy city of Roanoke)

Roanoke has added a rodeo event to its lineup for Roanoke Roundup on May 1. (Courtesy city of Roanoke)

The city of Roanoke announced it will host its first rodeo show as part of the fifth annual Roanoke Roundup on May 1 along historic Oak Street.

The latest addition to the yearly event will bring in more proceeds to the two charities selected to receive donations, according to Roanoke Mayor Scooter Gierisch. The beneficiaries are the Guns and Hoses Foundation of North Texas, which provides immediate financial assistance to the families of police officers and firefighters lost in the line of duty, and Speedway Children’s Charities, which provides funding for hundreds of nonprofits throughout the nation that meet the direct needs of children.

“When you do events like this, you want to look from an outside perspective and figure out ways to make it even bigger and better,” Gierisch said. “We're really excited to be able to add that one component to it. It's going to be a pretty amazing addition, and it's going to be very entertaining.”

The rodeo events will take place on 3.5 acres of land that will house the Peabody Hotel in the future. The property is adjacent to City Hall at 500 S. Oak St. There will be three rodeo shows, including bull riding and a kids’ Mutton Bustin event. Tickets are on sale here.

Roanoke Roundup is a family-friendly event with entertainment options, multiple vendors, a steak cook-off competition, live music and more.

Due to the inability to cook enough steaks for everyone in the past, guests are encouraged this year to dine in the many restaurants along Oak Street.

“This should help our businesses, and we also thought in that regard, obviously, with COVID-19 happening and businesses having several restraints put on them throughout COVID-19, that this would help kind of rejuvenate the excitement downtown and get people to frequent our restaurants,” the mayor said.

This will be Roanoke’s first event since the statewide capacity restrictions in connection with the coronavirus were lifted. Although vendor applications are no longer being accepted, the city is still looking for volunteers. Those interested in volunteering may apply here.

“That's a big deal too for a lot of people, being able to support charities because charities also suffered tremendously through COVID-19,” Gierisch said.

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By Sandra Sadek
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