Ellie Mental Health will open Sept. 6 at 1835 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake.

Ellie is a mental health organization focused on “impacting the lives of people” living in the communities it serves, according to a news release.

Clinic Director Ally Stuckless said the clinic brings “innovative and creative approaches to therapy.” As a community-based clinic, she said Ellie “fills the gap” of mental health services in communities.

Ellie’s core values are creativity, authenticity, humor, compassion and acceptance. Services include individual therapy, couples and marriage counseling, family therapy, and child and adolescent therapy through in-person and virtual sessions, the release stated. Ellie Mental Health began in 2015 in Minnesota and has clinics across 11 states, according to its website.

With a growing need for mental health services, Stuckless said Ellie has been able to grow and meet the needs of communities.

“We meet [clients] where they’re at [and] see what we can do to help them,” Stuckless said. “Whether it be individual, for adolescents or adults or couples, we work with anyone that walks in the door.”

Southlake’s location will only offer therapeutic services when first opening. After eight to 12 months, Stuckless said the clinic plans to bring on a psychiatrist to offer medication management services. If someone is unsure about seeking counseling services, she said they can take their uncertainty into the therapy room and “talk with their therapists about that authentically.”

“It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot,” Stuckless said.

817-769-7687. www.elliementalhealth.com/locations/southlake-tx/