Tarrant County commissioners approved salary increases and merit raises for elected officials and county employees during a meeting Aug. 1 in Fort Worth.

Raises will range from 3% to 7%, depending on the department, according to documents.

The changes passed 3-0 with Commissioners Manny Ramirez and Gary Fickes along with County Judge Tim O’Hare voting in favor of the change. Commissioners Alisa Simmons and Roy Charles Brooks were not present at the meeting.

What you need to know

Elected officials will receive a 3% raise. O’Hare will make about $218,252, up from his current salary of $211,895.

The four commissioners will each make $207,952, an increase of $6,057.

The setup

Most of the raises will be effective Oct. 1, though the merit-based raises will be awarded Jan. 1 to full-time employees who were hired prior to Aug. 1, according to documents.
  • All employee salaries must be equal to or higher than the salary-grade minimum.
  • All non-law enforcement employees with salaries below the new hire-in rates will be eligible to receive a salary increase to the new hire-in rate.
  • Employees could earn up to a 6% in merit-based raises.
  • Employees must have minimum performance appraisal scores to be eligible for merit or step increases.
  • Law enforcement employees who work in confinement will receive a 3% raise, and those in operations will get a 7% increase.
  • Captains and above who have salaries higher than $159,000 will get a 7% pay hike.
  • Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn will match O’Hare’s salary at $218,252, up from $211,895 as well.