The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport received approval for a $27 million planning study for the proposed Terminal F.

DFW Airport’s Executive Vice President-Chief Financial Officer Chris Poinsatte announced the airlines had approved the request during the March 7 City Council worksession.

The study’s funding will be provided by previously approved bonds and help to determine the design of the terminal.

The project was originally unveiled in 2019 but was paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed sixth terminal was estimated to cost between $3 billion-$3.5 billion at the time and could add up to 24 new gates. Discussions are ongoing regarding the timeline of the project, Poinsatte said.

There is no new estimate on how much the terminal would cost in 2023.

The airport is negotiating a new use and lease agreement with the airlines, according to documents. More information will be released once the agreement has been made.

During the work session, Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker suggested revisiting a discussion of the project later this year once the airport’s annual report is ready.

Editor's note: The original post has been edited to correct an error. The $27 million will fund a planning study for the proposed terminal. Funding will come from a previously approved bond package.