After a second round of bidding, Colleyville City Council approved a contract to develop the Colleyville Gateway Project along Colleyville Boulevard.

Including maintenance for the first three years, the city contract with C. Green Scaping, LP, will be $8,367,316.86. The council awarded the contract to C. Green Scaping, LP, at its July 20 meeting.

“We demand and expect anybody that comes into the city, especially businesses, that they’re going to bring high quality product,” Colleyville mayor Richard Newton said. “And I think we have done our best to live up to that quality expectation, and to me this is part of it.”

The project will build three gateways along Colleyville Boulevard: the Pastoral Gateway at John McCain Road, the Main Street Gateway at Main Street and the Creekside Gateway near Brown Trail.

The stone Colleyville signs currently at the site of the Pastoral and Creekside gateways will be salvaged and used elsewhere in the city, according to Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery.

The project will be funded by revenue from the city’s TIF fund, according to city documents, which draws from sales tax revenue. City Council previously rejected an $11 million proposal from The Fain Group in April.

Aaron Duncan of Mesa Design Group, which is working with the city on the project, told council in April that most of the items in the bid fell in line with expectations for the $6.5 million budget approved by council in September 2020. A few items, such as veneer materials, came in far over budget, he said.

To address this, the city and Mesa Design Group broke out those expensive pieces into alternate options that could have driven the project cost up to $8,883,408, according to a presentation given July 20 by Lothery. Alternate options approved by the council include upgraded paving and different lighting fixtures.

The bid by The Fain Group was the only one the city initially received. During the second round, the city received seven bids.

The gateways are part of the city’s effort to beautify Colleyville Boulevard. The previous phase of beautification, which addresses the street’s medians, is expected to conclude in July.