GCISD teachers and staff will provide all students with approved eyewear and the opportunity to go outside and observe the eclipse on April 8.

The details

According to a district news release, GCISD teachers, staff and students will have the opportunity to observe the eclipse in the afternoon. Teachers will train students beforehand on how to use approved eyewear provided by the American Astronomical Society.

The news release states that for those parents who have concerns about their children participating in the outdoor event, there is an opportunity to opt out. For those students choosing to opt out, they have the choice to view a livestream of the eclipse.

A closer look

According to the Total Eclipse DFW website, North Texas is positioned to witness one of the best possible views of the eclipse because of the path of the moon.

Beginning a little after noon, the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region will experience a partial solar eclipse, which will then transition into a total solar eclipse at approximately 1:45 p.m.

According to NASA, the total solar eclipse will last about four minutes, while the partial solar eclipse will last roughly two and a half hours.

What you need to know

The news release states that no one should attempt to view the eclipse using anything other than approved protection glasses. Regular sunglasses do not provide sufficient protection for viewing an eclipse. Looking at the sun without these protections can cause serious, permanent eye injury.

The news release includes a link to a document with more information on how to safely view the eclipse.