At their Nov. 13 meeting, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD board members got a preview of how community members might vote when it comes to a potential bond program in 2024.

In a nutshell

The research firm Baselice and Associates conducted a survey of 401 GCISD community members from Nov. 1-3. In his presentation to the board, President and CEO Mike Baselice outlined several parts of the survey, including:
  • Key objectives
  • Correlation scores
  • Key findings
Baselice said the survey questions focused on three potential bond propositions. In the survey, Proposition A would issue $147 million in bonds to build new facilities or renovate existing ones. Proposition B would be a technology bond that issued $12 million for instructional technology purchases. Proposition C would issue $6 million for swim center renovations, including new mechanical and filtrations systems as well as new bleachers.

Baselice also pointed out the three key objectives of the survey were to:
  • Measure initial levels of support for three potential bond proposals
  • Gauge the reaction to additional information about the bond proposals, particularly around Proposition A
  • Measure informed levels of support for bond proposals after respondents had heard more information
The details

According to the survey, which Baselice said allowed for a plus or minus 4.9% margin of error, responses in the initial ballot were as follows:
  • Proposition A: 44% for, 45% against, 11% unsure
  • Proposition B: 50% for, 40% against, 10% unsure
  • Proposition C: 50% for, 43% against, 7% unsure
After respondents were able to learn more about the issues, Baselice then presented the numbers of the informed ballot:
  • Proposition A: 60% for, 34% against, 6% unsure
  • Proposition B: 66% for, 31% against, 3% unsure
  • Proposition C: 63% for, 34% against, 3% unsure
Long story short

After presenting the information from the survey results, Baselice concluded with his key findings. Perhaps the most telling was about the power of being an informed voter.

“Eighteen percent changed positions from opposed or undecided about Prop A on the initial ballot test to supporting it on the informed ballot test,” Baselice said.

Baselice’s presentation was for informational purposes and no action was taken.