Southlake is looking to create a committee that would give residents a voice in the city.

In a 5-0 vote, the City Council approved an ordinance at its Aug. 2 meeting to create the Alliance for Community Engagement. The second reading to approve the committee's creation will be held at the Aug. 16 City Council meeting.

Council Members Kathy Talley and Randy Robbins were absent from the meeting.

The committee would be made up of 12 citizens appointed by the City Council, according to an ordinance included as part of the meeting agenda. Terms would last for two years and would begin Oct. 1 and expire Sept. 31, the ordinance stated.

The Alliance for Community Engagement would combine two former groups: The Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture and the Community Engagement Committee. Council voted to dissolve the two groups to “streamline” their responsibilities into one committee, according to a staff memo.

Both groups oversaw engagement within the community and provided opportunities for citizens to “feel like they have a voice and place” in Southlake, the memo stated.

The Alliance for Community Engagement’s mission would be to “foster meaningful communication and engagement” between the community and the city. The goal is to strengthen municipal transparency, increase the public’s involvement and collaboration as well as enhance community spirit, the memo stated.

The committee would be responsible for initiatives that involve promoting community interaction, creating a sense of community and understanding communication barriers throughout the city. It would also meet the needs of specific populations in Southlake, support grassroots organizations and build community motivation to engage on issues, the memo stated.

If council approves the creation of the Alliance for Community Engagement during the second reading, applications to join the committee will be posted on the city's website, said Pilar Schank, Southlake's deputy director of public relations.