The debut of Meow Wolf Grapevine will happen July 14 at Grapevine Mills, according to a news release issued May 16.

The name for the exhibition—which was first announced in May 2022—will be "The Real Unreal." It will be journey through a technicolor wonderland that blends storytelling, technology and immersive art, according to the news release.

There will be more than 30 rooms of multidimensional art from a group of immersive artists that will be a part of a story conceived by author LaShawn Wanak.The release notes that Wanak tells a story of a blended family that unlocks a portal to a different existence, blended in with “unforgettable psychedelic art” and different dimensions of perspective.

“When participants step into 'The Real Unreal,' they start a cosmic odyssey where surprises await around every corner, and each discovery sparks its own story,” said Dale Sheehan, senior vice president and executive creative director, in a news release. “Every element in the exhibition weaves together a tapestry of characters, stories and worlds. The creative energy of 'The Real Unreal' extends beyond the physical and leads to a potential unlimited host of cosmic side-effects.”

Tickets for the exhibition went on sale May 16, starting at $45, but exact pricing varies by date and time, according to the website.

"The Real Unreal" will also include a cafe with local vendors, a retail store and a venue for live events.