The city of Southlake approved a zoning request Sept. 6 for Wheelhouse Garages to install private luxury garages for cars, boats, motorcycles and RVs at 880-950 Davis Blvd., Southlake. Plans call for a 59-unit garage and an 18,100-square-foot building in the same development that is located in front of the garages and is zoned for retail for a food establishment. Owner and developer Gary Shimmin noted construction will start later this year with a planned opening in late 2023. The single garages will be 25 feet by 45 feet with a 25-foot-by-15-foot mezzanine, while the double garages will be 50 feet by 45 feet with a 50-foot-by-20-foot mezzanine. Shimmin said Phase 1 of the garage project features 29 units. 559-871-0684.