Colleyville residents taking advantage of the city's gift card program collectively redeemed more than $425,000 throughout the duration of the program.

The city announced in late March that it would mail out $35 gift cards to residents to use at Colleyville businesses. City Council approved the distribution of a second wave of gift cards April 7.

"This program was an exceptional opportunity to put purchasing decisions in the hands of the residents while assisting our local businesses in their time of need," Council Member Tammy Nakamura said at a May 19 meeting.

More than 12,000 gift cards were distributed through the program that ended April 30. The cards were funded through the city's Tax Increment Financing fund.

Nakamura said the city anticipates federal dollars will soon be dispersed to Colleyville that could replenish most of the city funds used.

"We put ... close to a half a million dollars back into the community, and it looks like ... possibly we'll get that back. We didn't know that at the time, but I think we'll see what happens," Nakamura said.