Although Colleyville resident Brittany Gronkowski never had any formal design training, her business of custom-designed gifts, Everything Decorated, has taken off since opening four years ago, prompting her to move some products to a larger facility a few miles away on Commerce Street in Southlake for storage purposes.

Gronkowski has temporarily changed her hours of operation to appointment only as hundreds of ordered packages have taken over the storefront, but she said it will most likely reopen with regular store hours, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, sometime in January.

Everything Decorated started when Gronkowski began painting wine glasses in 2011 for fun and selling them online, she said. The brand was officially created in 2012, and the store opened in 2014. Since then, Gronkowski’s husband, Chris, has also gotten involved to help her with operations.

In addition to wine glasses, Everything Decorated also features tumblers, decanters, wallets, pocket knives, photo frames, cutting boards and robes—all of which can be customized with specially designed labels, vinyl prints and engravings.

Designs often include something meaningful, such as names and dates, Gronkowski said. For example, wedding gifts often include the names of the bride and groom and the date they married or met.

“[These gifts] take more thought,” she said. “Each piece is truly unique.”

Customers can also browse and order featured items through her website, and during the days leading to Christmas, Gronkowski estimates she fulfills up to 250 orders per day.  The months from March through September are especially busy as people who are planning weddings and bridal parties request orders for gifts or favors.

“[Weddings] are huge for personalized gifts,” Gronkowski said. “They’ll do the groomsmen’s gifts and the bridesmaids’ gifts … since we customize every single thing, we can put anything you want.”

Gronkowski said she is always exploring new ideas and trends to include in her designs.

“We continue to try and figure out the next best thing,” she said. “That’s why our business has done so well because we’re constantly looking for ways to be better.”

Everything Decorated
6100 SH 26., Ste. 130, Colleyville
Hours: by appointment only temporarily