Underwood Boot Company owner offers personalized leather products


Anthony Underwood opened Underwood Boot Company in 2017 in downtown Grapevine. He chose the location for the foot traffic, and his store’s barn doors make it easy for pedestrians to wander in, he said.

“I have people walk in and say, ‘We just came in here to smell the leather,’ because you can smell it all the way from the street,” Underwood said.

His company specializes in custom-made boots, but it can make just about anything from leather, Underwood said. Purses, wallets, belts, coasters and much more can be made custom at Underwood Boot Company. It offers a variety of leathers from all over the world, including cowhide, kangaroo, stingray, elephant, hippopotamus, alligator and ostrich. The price is dependent on the type of leather a customer chooses and the product.

“We have several people that already come in with a vision of something that they want whether that’s boots, a belt or a purse, and we make it,” Underwood said.

Several of Underwood’s products line the shelves in the store and can be used as examples and inspiration for customers who come in desiring custom products.

Racks of different leathers are also available for patrons to feel and help them make their choice.

“We sell great products, but we are trying to sell the experience as well,” Underwood said.

Customers wanting custom boots will have their foot measurements taken, in which Underwood’s company will create an exact mold of their feet and then wet and stretch the leather over it, making the boots specially fitted to every individual. The boots can be personalized with the addition of zippers, monograms, designs and colors.

The craftsman and artist who creates all the products is Jose De La Luz Ramirez. He learned to make boots when he was 4 years old from his older brother in León, Guanajuanto, Mexico. Jose has now been crafting boots and leather for over 65 years.

“He does amazing work,” Underwood said.

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