More than 30 Texas-based artists have been selected to create Meow Wolf’s permanent installation in Grapevine Mills, according to a press release.

Immersive art exhibit Meow Wolf is set to open in the mall in 2023 and will feature 30 rooms within the 29,000-square-foot space. Forty artists, 38 of which are based in Texas, will bring the exhibit to life with their “unique visions,” the release stated.

“Our goal with curating collaborating artists is to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the artistic voices of Texas with a focus on North Texas, home to our newest exhibit,” Director of Artist Collaboration Han Santana-Sayles said in the release. “To accomplish this, we intentionally invited a diverse array of nearly 40 hyper-talented Texas artists to freely create works about any topic of their desire.”

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment company with installations in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Denver, Colorado. A location in Houston is projected to open in 2024.

Below is the poster released by Meow Wolf naming the Texas artists.