Medical City Healthcare officially unveiled its new patient-simulation training center in Frisco on Feb. 11.

The HCA Healthcare Center for Clinical Advancement features state-of-the-art classrooms and simulation rooms that allow nurses and nurse residents to receive training in a clinical setting without risk to patients.

“Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life, and I can’t think of a better way for us to fulfill our mission than to be able to equip our caregivers with the skills, the competencies and the caring to really engage with our patients in ways that really improve their human life,” said Zach Mueller, the chief nursing executive of Medical City Healthcare.

The $4.8 million education center features eight classrooms, five high-fidelity simulation rooms, three instructor control rooms and a dedicated resuscitation station among its 37,000 square feet. The facility will support Medical City Healthcare’s more than 7,000 nurses and 700 nurse residents annually, as well as allowing for training of around 4,000 new employees a year.

"The Center for Clinical Advancement represents a significant investment in both education and training, which supports our goal of excellence always in our patient care,” Medical City Healthcare President Erol Akdamar said.

Steve Tarkington, the vice president clinical education operations at HCA Healthcare, said the simulation rooms, which feature interactive mannequin “patients,” are as real as they can get.

“It really does allow that nurse to be able to practice in a safe environment before they go out to the real world,” Tarkington said. “And it’s a great place to bring our experienced nurses to maybe simulate an environment to help improve that care as well.”

HCA Healthcare, which is the parent company of Medical City Healthcare, has three other facilities like the Center for Clinical Advancement as part of the organization’s centralized clinical education model.