Frisco's Asian population continues to grow. As a result, festivals and businesses have followed.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau data, the Asian population in Frisco surpassed 25% in 2022. That is nearly 9% higher than the city's Asian population in 2017. With that rise in population, Frisco started hosting cultural events such as the Lunar New Year celebration.

Frisco’s annual Lunar New Year event, which was hosted by the city's Asian American community leaders, brought in more than 1,000 visitors Feb. 9.

Megan Nguyen-Trinh led the charge in bringing the event to Frisco, which was important to her as the city sees a continued increase in its Asian American population. Nguyen-Trinh is the senior relationship manager for the North Texas market in Business Banking at Bank of America. She also serves as treasurer on the Frisco Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Nguyen-Trinh spoke with Community Impact about the reasons she wanted to bring the event to Frisco and the impact the Asian American community has had on the city. Answers have been edited for length, style and clarity.

Frisco has a rising Asian population; what does that say about the city?

It says a lot about a city. The sentiment was to always make sure residents feel safe and welcomed. It's a sentiment that folks that do move here, especially minority folks that move here, feel welcome. All cultures are welcome in Frisco. It is so beautiful how diverse and unified Frisco is.

What has that community’s population growth meant for the business community?

Frisco Ranch played a pivotal role in the population. Most Asian American families gather where the food is and gather where the market is. For the most part, you'll find that at Frisco Ranch; you'll see various origins of Southeast Asians really navigating there. I’m so glad that Frisco Ranch brought that center there, and that area along Prestmont Place and Preston Road has grown. It was a significant piece to the Asian American population here in Frisco. Otherwise, those families would have to travel to neighboring cities to do the shopping and to find great food. The Asian-focused businesses are bringing awareness and bringing the culture to our community.

How has the business community evolved with the growing Asian American population?

With the growing Asian American population, we’ve seen an increase in businesses come to Frisco to serve the needs of the community. A great example of that is the Frisco Ranch corridor. NewQuest Properties identified the need early on and developed Frisco Ranch in 2018 with 99 Ranch as its anchor. Since then, five additional fully occupied retail centers have joined that corridor serving the needs of the community, especially Asian American families. Asian restaurants in general have multiplied all over Frisco and it’s truly beautiful to see the changing palates of our community with the increased exposure of international flavors right here in Frisco.

Tell me a little bit about how we got to this year’s Lunar New Year.

The Asian American population has grown significantly in Frisco. We've always celebrated Lunar New Year, but the Asian American families in Frisco would essentially travel to other cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year correctly. My dream has always been to bring the Lunar New Year and celebrate it in Frisco. It started small, and each year it has grown. This year, we really wanted to do it right and add the festival component, and that included dances, performances, singing and then also the vendors to make it a market feel.

What is the value in hosting an event like this in Frisco?

At the end of the day, the value in the celebration is uniting and bringing the community together to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Asian American traditions.

What is your background? How did you get involved with the event?

I moved to Frisco 18 years ago, and I was one of the very few Asian American families who lived here. Every year, we’d have a void. It's like you move to a country who doesn't celebrate Christmas, and you're missing Christmas. I talked to my friends and neighbors, and they said they would be interested in a Frisco Lunar New Year celebration.