The newest production from Disney on Ice, “Magic in the Stars,” will feature more characters than any production, touring coordinator Rhea Katzman said, adding that the show will feature the debut of several new Disney characters.

The details

“Magic in the Stars” is the newest Disney on Ice production, Katzman said, adding that the show is a “journey through the night sky” featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy. During the show, the characters will travel through the kingdom of wishes meeting various Disney characters, she said.

Attendees will spend time with Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders and Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” as she tries to start her restaurant, Katzman said. The show will also feature the Madrigal Family from "Encanto," she said, adding that the show also features the debut of Raya from “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

Other popular Disney stars in the show include:
  • Moana
  • Elsa and Anna and more from “Frozen 2”
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Rex and Hamm from “Toy Story”
Katzman said the production features several characters from classics, such as "Snow White," and "Beauty and the Beast," while also integrating newer characters, adding that the production team wanted to include something for everyone.

“The audiences are younger, and the stories they are more familiar with are ‘Encanto’ and ‘Frozen’ and some of the newer ones,” Katzman said. “I like that this show has a good balance of older characters that are familiar for parents in the audiences and newer characters that the kids are going to lose their minds over.”

A closer look

Rather than telling a condensed version of a popular film’s narrative, which many Disney on Ice productions consist of, Katzman said "Magic in the Stars" will have a few scenes from several films.

The show will feature music from each movie and ice skating, the touring coordinator said, adding that the show also features several aerial elements.

“It’s really cool,” Katzman said. “Especially when the performers take off and then all of a sudden they are flying through the air and come back down and skate again.”

The show will also have special effects, fire stunts and performers trained in poi, a style of performance art that originates from the indigenous culture of New Zealand.

Lastly, the show will feature freestyle ice skating, during which the performers will wear hockey skates instead of figure skates as part of the “Moana” sequence.

“I can only describe it as a combination of breakdancing and skateboarding tricks,” Katzman said. “They’ll have these giant ramps and a quarter pipe, and they are jumping off and doing tricks through the air.”
  • April 4-6, times vary
  • $25-$90
  • Comerica Center, 2601 Avenue of the Stars, Frisco