Learn more about the candidates running for Frisco City Council Place 3 ahead of the May 4 election.

Candidates were asked to keep responses under 50 words, answer the questions provided and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity.

An asterisk (*) indicates the candidate is an incumbent. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Angelia Pelham*

Experience: City councilmember for last 3 years, Community Champion 15 years: MLK Oration Competition-awarded $90K scholarships

Occupation: Business owner: corporate consultant, board of director for two private equity portfolio companies

Contact Information: 214-878-3746

Why are you running for council?

I love Frisco! This city is special; the people, the culture, the safety and security, the aesthetics all connect to make for an attractive city. I want to continue to be part of the leadership team that moves this city forward in the right direction.

What are the biggest challenges Frisco is facing?

The biggest challenge for Frisco is the infiltration of any entity that would compromise our culture and currently, there are two union propositions on the ballot that would do just that. We don’t need a third-party union eroding our culture and dictating how to operate any aspect of our city.

How do you plan to address these issues?

By creating awareness so that residents understand what’s at stake. Frisco is the safest city in the country not by happenstance but by intentionality. Half of our General Fund budget goes towards public safety. Unions have no personal stake in the "culture of safety" we have deliberately built in Frisco.

What would your top priorities be if you are elected?

Public safety will always be my top priority. Providing tax relief to our residents through lowered property tax rates and increased homestead exemptions up to 20%. Prioritizing corporate growth results in increased jobs and more property taxes from companies to shift the burden from residents. Continued accessibility and community engagement.

John Redmond

Experience: Executive with over 25 years of increasing responsibility; sharply honed analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills

Occupation: Co-founder/president, InspectIR Systems Inc.

Contact Information: N/A

Why are you running for council?

Living in Frisco for nearly 19 years, I have raised a family here and am building a business here. I believe in limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. I believe the values that built this community still matter and the voice of our citizens should dictate our future direction.

What are the biggest challenges Frisco is facing?

Frisco has several challenges associated with hypergrowth and the transition to becoming a large city namely, public safety, infrastructure associated with density, maintaining a culture and engaging its' citizenry in a meaningful way.

How do you plan to address these issues?

I will be a good steward for the citizens of Frisco intentionally focused on their issues, perpetuating their family’s and business’ interests, and being accountable. Being a leader is more than just showing up for the pictures, it is about being present and the privilege of creating success for others.

What would your top priorities be if you are elected?

My priorities as a councilperson would include matching the priorities of the entire community, harmonizing around a shared vision for the future of Frisco. That would start with public safety and our first responders. It would include tempered and sustainable development. And finally, pursuing a "no new revenue tax rate".