Savanna founder Jessica Bravo struggled with balancing her career and child care needs.

“It was a struggle for years,” she said. “I was internally struggling with myself.”

That is when she decided to make a change and create Savanna, a private preschool and child care facility. But she didn’t want to open a traditional center, she said.

What’s special about it?

Bravo set out to open a facility that would combine modern education techniques and facilities with natural and ethically sourced materials, she said. The name Savanna was chosen because of the sense of nature it brings to mind, she said.

It’s a first-of-its-kind facility in Frisco that features wood and toys that have been imported from the United Kingdom and Australia, Bravo said.

The facility is built with families in mind, she said. It is an open concept between rooms and outdoors to allow children, ages 0-5, to guide their learning. It also features a coworking space for parents. She wanted to make sure that the space had neutral tones to help with child behavior and to create a calming environment.

“It's really designed in a sense for them to have curiosity and play,” Bravo said.

The background

Bravo decided to open in Frisco because of the families.

“It is great in this community,” she said. “Frisco is really the mecca for families in the U.S. This is where families are moving."

The location in Hall Park is meant to bring people and families together. Bravo made it her goal to make a child care facility where the entire family is supported and create a sense of team, she said.

What’s next

The school will open officially in June, and enrollment is currently open.

Frisco’s location is the first for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Bravo said there are plans to bring 10 to the area, with others projected to open in Dallas, Plano and Frisco.

“Our main goal is to strengthen the family as a whole,” she said. “This school is really there to be a resource to them and support them where they need.”