Frisco ISD is doubling down on its practices when it comes to bathroom use by transgender students.

Following a September board meeting where the FISD board of trustees discussed its practices for transgender students, trustees adopted its practices into policy Nov. 14.

The policy states that to the extent permitted by law, each multiple-occupancy bathroom or changing facility owned or operated by the district should only be used by persons based on his or her biological sex.

The district is not prohibited from making reasonable accommodations upon request, the policy states. This includes letting transgender students use single-occupancy restrooms, such as those found in the nurse’s office.

“In the vast majority of these situations, the student’s family chooses to have the student use a private, single-user bathroom,” a FISD newsletter stated.

During public comments, 22 Frisco residents came forward to voice their concerns. Some speakers said the policy would cause transgender students to feel as if they were not loved and could put students at risk, and that the district should be focused on “real issues,” such as teacher retention. Other speakers said having transgender students in multiple-occupancy bathrooms could open the door for assault.

Trustees adopted the policy unanimously. More information about the district’s bathroom policies can be found at this link.