Updated 12:10 a.m., Nov. 7

With all precincts reporting, Frisco ISD's tax ratification election has passed. About 59 percent of voters voted in favor of the measure, while about 41 percent voted against it.

Updated 9:30 p.m., Nov. 6

UPDATED: Frisco ISD's tax election results still favoring approval

With partial precincts reporting, the percentages for Frisco ISD's tax election are holding steady. About 58 percent of voters are still voting in favor while 42 percent are voting against.

Posted 7:18 p.m., Nov. 6

Early voting totals: Frisco ISD’s tax election getting voter approval

Voters are for Frisco ISD's proposed tax rate change, according to early voting results.

About 58 percent of voters have voted for the change to the maintenance and operations tax rate, and 42 percent of voters are against the change.

FISD is proposing an $0.13 increase to the M&O tax rate but an overall tax rate decrease of $0.02. This is because the district plans to decrease the interest and sinking tax rate by $0.15 cents compared with last year's tax rate. This is known as a tax swap, resulting in a combined tax rate of $1.44 per $100 valuation. The 2017-18 tax rate was $1.46 per $100 valuation.

The M&O tax rate increase is expected to pay for various operations costs throughout the district, including increasing teacher salaries and reducing class sizes.

If voters turn down the increase, the district's tax rate will still be $1.44. The difference is the M&O tax rate would be $1.04 instead of $1.17, and the I&S tax rate would be $0.40 instead of $0.27.