Hoff’s Steaks and Steins has provided Frisco residents with a unique dining experience from Texas and Germany over the last year.

Owner Chefy Creasey, who has 40 years of experience working as a chef and opening restaurants across the nation, opened Hoff’s Steaks and Steins on Main Street in August 2021.

Upon moving to Frisco from Austin, he recognized North Texans appreciated a quality steakhouse and wanted to introduce diners to a popular concept from Central Texas.

“I felt like a lot of steakhouses are land and cattle, but that’s not really how it is in Central Texas,” Creasey said. “Usually, a steakhouse has either a Czech or a German influence. We wanted to be a Texas Hill Country restaurant with German elements.”

The menu was created by seasoned chef Omar Padilla, who said he learned how to make German dishes well when he worked for a Polish chef.

While Creasey said German food often features more bland flavors, Hoff’s menu offers a Texas kick. He said the restaurant grills the best steaks his staff can find over mesquite. They are then topped with crowder butter including seasoning found in bearnaise sauce and a garlic thyme tarragon reduction, providing multiple layers of flavor.

“We do high-quality, advanced flavors, which have been backed off a little to make them there but not overwhelming,” Creasey said. “Our food’s really playful. We take it really serious.”

Hoff’s Steaks and Steins offers lunch, a weekday happy hour and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Its full bar features a wide array of beers from both Germany and Texas, cocktails and wine. Providing quality entrees for an affordable price, Chefy described the restaurant’s lunch menu as “the best-kept secret in Frisco.”

As a casual yet slightly elevated dining experience, Creasey said he hopes customers visit Hoff’s regularly, not just on special occasions. He said customers are invited to come as they are, whether they are wearing a suit or sweatpants. It is a place where the bartenders get to know customers and Creasey greets them with a warm smile at the door, he said.

“We’re so unique and different,” Creasey said. “Don’t assume what it is. Stick your head in the door.”

Business information:

Hoff’s Steak and Steins, 5454 Main St., Ste. 123, Frisco.

469-888-4324. www.hoffssteaksandsteins.com

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., daily.