Frisco residents will soon see early stages of the capital improvement projects they approved during the May 6 election.

The bond propositions totaled more than $473 million and included new investments in public safety, street and road construction, parks, trails and open space, new city service facilities, and a downtown parking garage. Resident approval of the projects gave the city the go-ahead to begin selling the bonds.

The first $37.8 million of the bond package will be sold in July, said Dana Baird, Frisco’s director of communications and public relations, in an email. Here is a brief look at the projects this first sale will fund.

Street and road construction

Approximately $30.8 million of the July sale will be dedicated to road construction and improvements, Baird said.

Street and road construction projects, which were listed under Proposition B on the ballot, totaled $240 million.
  • The cost to construct one lane for one mile is about $3.2 million, Frisco Engineering Services Department officials said.
Parks, trails and open space

The next $5 million will go to support parks, Baird said. Frisco has undertaken multiple parks projects in recent years, most recently celebrating the ribbon-cutting of Jimmy and Clara Jones Park on June 17.

Parks and open space projects named on the May 6 ballot included the Frisco on the Green Park, 4th Street Plaza and Buffalo Ridge Park.
  • Frisco on the Green is currently in its design phase, which is expected to finish in the beginning of 2024.
  • 4th Street Plaza, which will serve as a pedestrian path connecting the downtown area and events space, is expected to be finished by late summer 2024, according to the city’s capital improvement dashboard.
  • Buffalo Ridge Park is also currently in its design phase, which will not be finished until early summer 2024.
A parking garage

The final $2 million of the first bond sale will be allocated to constructing a downtown parking garage. The project, expected to be four stories and provide 390 parking spaces, requested $20 million on the May 6 ballot.

Once built, the parking garage will make up for the expected loss of parking once the city removes street parking from downtown Frisco as it focuses on open spaces and redevelopment.
  • Construction on Main Street to begin removing the parking and widen the sidewalks is expected to begin in late 2023 and finish by the end of 2024, according to the city’s capital improvement website.
Keep in mind

The bonds approved May 6 are not the only ones being sold to fund city projects, Baird said. City officials will also begin selling the following preapproved bonds, which, including the three sales from the May 6 election, total $129.5 million.
  • $10.5 million Grand Park from 2006
  • $11.08 million for City Hall from 2015
  • $10 million to go toward Grand Park from 2015
  • $17.9 million to go toward public safety from 2019
  • $25 million to go toward roads from 2019
  • $17.23 to go toward parks from 2019
Stay tuned

More information about the city’s current capital improvement projects can be found here.