A business in Frisco is offering free hospital-grade disinfectant to all first responders in the city as well as throughout Collin County.

The Cleaning Force, which recently moved to Frisco from McKinney, started a private Facebook group for first responders so they could have access to the professional cleaning service’s disinfectant to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Owner Jonathan Cromwell-Broker said he has seen what first responders go through, as his wife, Sarah, served the city of Dallas for seven years.

“They’re working their tails off doing what they’re doing, trying to stay healthy, but then they go home every night and are scared as hell for their families,” Cromwell-Broker said.

The company has enough hospital-grade disinfectant to supply all first responders in the county and is reaching out to police, fire and EMS agencies in Collin County to let them know, he said.

“We want to make sure that all those first responders have access to that for wiping down their equipment, wiping down their cars, however they want to use it,” Cromwell-Broker said. “But then also come get what you need to take home to your families and help keep your homes as clean as possible too right now.”

Collin County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Watson said the free disinfectant has been particularly helpful to him. His wife has a compromised immune system after having brain surgery last year to remove a cancerous tumor.

Watson said he has used the disinfectant to wipe down his patrol vehicles and help clean his house.

“To be able to wipe down all my stuff before I get home gives her some peace of mind that if I was exposed to it or I was anywhere near it, I’ve at least taken the measures possible to try to kill infection before I come home,” Watson said.

Cromwell-Broker said The Cleaning Force is dealing with much the same thing most businesses are right now—including cancellations and less demand for its services. However, Cromwell-Broker’s employees have been reaching out to customers and asking for donations to pay for home cleanings for first responders and their families.

McKinney resident Cindy Morton, whose son is a police officer in Lubbock, recently bought one of those cleanings.

“I do understand that our first responders are at high risk, but they’re still out there putting their lives on the line for us,” Morton said. “If you let our first responders get ill, what are our answers going to be? I want their homes cleaned for everything they do all year, every year, not just during this crisis.”

Cromwell-Broker said purchases like Morton’s not only help keep his workers employed, but they also allow the business to help first responders. In the past, he said, his offers of assistance to first responders did not go far because “they don’t ask for help.” The Cleaning Force owner said he believes this private Facebook group will give him a means to reach them now and in the future.

“The silver lining in this situation is we are able to immediately help some of these first responders and then in the future I’m excited about what we’re going to be able to do,” Cromwell-Broker said.

Those interested in joining the Facebook group can email Cromwell-Broker directly at [email protected]