A new natural gas measuring station could soon be added near an east Frisco intersection.

In a nutshell

Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission members unanimously recommended approval for a specific use permit allowing Atmos Energy to build a measuring station and accompanying screening wall at their May 23 meeting.

Measuring stations are above-ground pipe installations that take gas from the underground system to provide to customers in the area, according to meeting documents.

Atmos Energy currently operates a high-pressure gas line just north of the proposed measuring station, according to meeting documents.

“The intent is to have a measuring station to tap into the high pressure line,” Planning Division Senior Planner Suzanne Porter said. “It's the intent for the service of the citizens here and the development occurring.”

The details

The proposed station would be built on 0.2 acres of land west of Independence Parkway and approximately 330 feet north of Eldorado Parkway, according to the project's site map.
  • The station would also be located near Frisco ISD’s Heritage High School and Frisco Fire Station No. 5.
  • Due to the station’s visibility, the plans include a request to plant a barrier of evergreen trees around an eight-foot brick screening wall surrounding the station.
  • The original plans only required trees around a portion of the project but have since been updated to fully surround the station.
“I think there's going to be a pretty decent visibility impact on ... Independence [Parkway], and my preference would be to put a row of evergreen shrubs [along] the north side and the east side, also on the south side,” Commissioner Jake Petras said.

There are trees and a creek already running through the property which will add additional cover and natural screening, according to meeting documents.

What’s next?

Both the project’s applicant—represented by John Manganilla, Atmos Energy’s manager of public affairs—and some commission members stated they hoped to begin construction on the project as soon as possible.

“I was told by [city] staff that [Atmos’] intention would be to start this as soon as humanly possible,” Petras said. “That would be mine as well.”

Being able to begin construction while Heritage High School students are on summer break would be beneficial, Petras said.

Frisco City Council members are expected to discuss the measuring station further at their June 20 meeting.