A new Prosper elementary school could soon have a home in Frisco.

Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission members approved a site plan for Prosper Elementary School No. 18, currently unnamed, at one of two lots in a large unoccupied field on the northwest corner of Hillcrest Road and Alviria Drive. The second lot will be for a city park, according to meeting documents.

The 21.7-acre field, currently zoned agricultural and located directly south of PGA Parkway, is also adjacent to Prosper ISD’s Bill Hays Middle School.

Commission members first approved a preliminary site plan for the proposed school Feb. 14, but a new site plan was submitted March 27 to extend Alviria Drive and Colgate Court’s right of way, according to meeting documents.

The proposed city park was also changed slightly in the newer site plan and will now be 6.4 acres instead of 4.5, according to meeting documents.

When a final plat for the area is submitted to the commission, it will also include a replat of the Ratcliffe Middle School Addition for the dedication of the rights of way, according to meeting documents.

More discussion regarding the elementary school and park is expected at future commission meetings.