A new townhome development is headed for Cobb Hill.

Frisco City Council approved rezoning 7.8 acres of land on the southeast corner of Frisco Street and Cobb Hill Drive from agricultural to planned development townhome to make way for a project called the Oasis at Cobb Hill.

Located adjacent to the Cobb Hill neighborhood and directly to the north of the Memorial High School parking lot, the townhomes were first brought up and then tabled at a Feb. 14 Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission meeting due to resident and commissioner concerns.

“This property has challenges,” Development Services Director John Lettelleir said. “It's a long, elongated piece of property.”

One of challenges include the property’s shallow depth, which dictated the direction the townhome lots could face, Lettelleir said.

The development was discussed outside of meetings by its owner and Cobb Hill homeowners association members to resolve any lingering complaints and was ultimately recommended for approval by commissioners at their March 28 meeting.

“No one showed up in opposition when the planning and zoning commission recommended approval,” Lettelleir said.

Some details about the townhomes are still undecided, Lettelleir said, such as if a path could cut through the development between the townhomes so any students living there could easily walk to the high school.

“I can see families living in there and kids not wanting to have to walk all the way up to Cobb Hill and then around to get to the high school,” Council Member Bill Woodard said.

The plans include a sidewalk and fencing going around the development, something required by the city’s development ordinances, but the location of the townhomes make it so a path cutting through would lead directly into the high school’s parking lot, Lettelleir said.

“[A path] is something we could talk about,” Lettelleir said. “We can mention that to them, about having a direct [path] but ... the last thing you want is people walking through the middle of a parking lot.”

Once built, the development will contain approximately 54 townhome lots, according to meeting documents.