The Frisco Station area could soon see new regulations regarding brewing, buying and drinking alcohol.

A March 14 public hearing to rezone more than 250 acres of land and businesses ended with unanimous approval from the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission.

If approved by Frisco City Council, the area’s zoning would be replaced with one following the city ordinances allowing breweries and brewpubs.

“This alignment is really just to line up with the city ordinances,” Commissioner Ed Kelly said.

The current zoning for Frisco Station, referred to as ​​Planned Development 244 in the request, was adopted in 2015 and includes language prohibiting the sale of alcohol within the 251.2-acre development, according to meeting documents.

Frisco city officials began rolling back some of the restrictions on breweries and brewpubs with ordinances a few years later and ultimately passed ordinances granting breweries, distilleries and wineries a place in Frisco in 2021.

“City Council adopted an ordinance in March of 2021 repealing regulations prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages within a certain distance of a church, public or private school, public hospital or certain other uses,” city staff member Jonathon Hubbard said.

Areas zoned before the ordinances were not updated with the new rules, leading Frisco Station representatives to ask for the updated zoning.

“Churches, schools or hospitals are not in play here,” Kelly said.

More than 15 representatives of Frisco Station were listed on the request, all of whom were referred to as “the applicant” during the meeting.

Frisco Station representatives discussed the request with the Stonebriar Legacy Association of Neighborhoods, and city staff sent emails Feb. 3 to all homeowners associations within 1,500 feet of the zoning request but did not receive any project input forms, according to meeting documents.

Council is expected to vote on Frisco Station’s rezoning request during its March 21 meeting.