When Ryan Rush found his childhood Pokemon card collection in 2015, he decided to get back into the hobby, which eventually led him to open Lord Rush Collectibles in Frisco.

The backstory

As Rush looked through the cards, he took a trip down memory lane.

“I realized that things from the 1990s were resurfacing in value,” Rush said. “Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards—stuff of that nature—and I had some pretty valuable cards.”

Rush reached out to a YouTube influencer to find more information about his collection, adding that he knew he had something when the influencer got excited for his collection and wanted to buy it.

“That transitioned into me getting back into Pokemon as a hobby,” Rush said, adding that he began to create Pokemon content for YouTube.

Rush knew content creation wouldn’t pay his bills and realized that he had a better chance selling cards. He started officially buying, selling and trading cards in 2017 on Facebook Marketplace.

“That’s literally what got me here today,” Rush said. “Just buying and selling and trading online and in person at conventions.”

Rush first opened a trading card shop in Dallas with four partners in 2020, but decided to sell his shares in the business to look for his own opportunities. In May, Rush opened Lord Rush Collectibles.

What’s in a name?

Rush said that Xbox Live came out when he was about 12 years old, and he selected LordRush1990 as his Xbox Live gamertag—his name used when playing video games. The name has stuck with him ever since.

“When Pokemon Go came out in 2016 and I created my avatar, I used Lord Rush,” Rush said. “That name has followed me, specifically in the Pokemon community for so long ... when I needed to open a store, I just named it after myself.”

What’s special about it?

Lord Rush Collectible primarily focuses on Pokemon cards but is also an authorized dealer for several other collectible card games such as Disney Lorcana and One Piece.

“We’re looking at other trading card games right now like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering,” Rush said. “Some of the more popular ones.”

Additionally, once a month—typically on the last Saturday of the month—Lord Rush Collectibles hosts an event for Pokemon card collectors to buy, sell or trade cards among themselves.

“It’s free, and I think it’s safe to say we’re the biggest [event] in Texas,” Rush said. “We have 100 or 150 people that show up every time.”