Dawn Rice, owner of WriteOn! Creative Writing Center, said anyone can benefit from spending time at her facility. Her brick-and-mortar spot opened in March 2019, though the educator said she has been conducting writing workshops for more than a decade.

Originally a teacher, she first became inspired to pursue specialized writing workshops after attending a young writers conference around 2008 in California.

Rice implemented workshops to help students hone all sorts of writing skills in the classroom. But instead of pursuing classroom teaching when she moved to Texas about a year later, she held workshops out of her own home.

“Seeing these students’ writings improve because they were writing—that’s really where it all started,” Rice said. “I just really found this passion for making writing fun and attainable for everybody.”

Often, in standard education, some students progress through traditional schooling and do not fully realize their writing potential, according to Rice. She said struggles in early grades often lead to lapses in everyday skills, such as properly addressing an envelope.

Rice said those who participate in the curriculum set at Write On! can get practice on many skills: writing short stories, poetry, essays and more.

“We make sure that the toolbox of all of our writers is being filled with different things,” Rice said. “They’re getting a variety, continually, if they’re part of the year-round writing that we have.”

There are curriculum options for all age groups. Kindergarten classes are geared to mix writing skills with engaging activities, while more experienced students can participate in activities tailored to meet their needs.

“The purpose is not to give our writers something that they can only do once they’re very advanced but to give them things to work on their writing,” Rice said.

Adults are also welcome. Anyone from aspiring book writers to those keen on sharpening fundamentals can gain just that, according to Rice.

“It’s a place where writers, anyone at any level, can come in,” Rice said. “They can feel successful and grow their skills so that they can reinforce or build that foundation that they need to just go about life.”

Write On! Creative Writing Center

7027 Hickory St., Ste. 200, Frisco



Hours: Tue.-Fri. 3-7:30 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., closed Mon.-Sun.